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UNDER BURNING SUN - album notes

In early 2013 Farewood went into the studio to begin work on their follow up to 2012's 'Wings of Gold'. Pre-production began in late 2012 and in January of the new year they entered the Firehouse 12 studio in New Haven with engineer Greg DiCrosta at the controls. Also worth noting, the lineup, still in tact from 'The Wings of Gold'  sessions, would undergo some change about a third of the way through the process. After about four sessions, it was decided that in order to complete the album in a more cost effective way, sessions would need to be transitioned over to Sonic Environments in Bloomfield under the stead of producer/engineer Jeff Weed. Prior to the first sessions at the new studio, guitarist Eric Ieraci, who had already been joining Farewood for live gigs, took over for Ed Diaz on guitar. Tracking at Sonic Environments began in January of 2014, and concluded in early spring of the following year. After a short break, mixing commenced  and was completed in early 2016.  

Produced by Lou Lorenzo and Jeff Weed

Recorded at Sonic Environments and Firehouse 12

Mixed by Jeff Weed

Engineered by Jeff Weed and Greg DiCrosta 

Mastered by Dana White at Specialized Mastering 

Lou Lorenzo - Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Leah Booker Lorenzo - Vocals, Bass

Kyle McCarthy - Drums

Eric Ieraci - Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Additional Musicians:

Ed Diaz - Keyboards, Guitar, and  Backing Vocals

Jeff Chen - Cello, Piano, and Keyboards

Scott Amore  - Organ, Keyboards

Matt Wilson - Pedal Steel 

Sandy Apuzzo - Violin

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