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Origin:  Meriden, CT

Genres:  Rock, ethereal Rock


Years Active:  2000 - 2018

Label:  ARClight USA


Hailing from the "Silver City" of Meriden CT,  the band Farewood has been cultivating their style of ethereal rock for almost two decades. Led by the husband and wife songwriting team of Lou (vocals, guitar) and Leah Lorenzo (vocals, bass), and bolstered by the propulsive rhythms of long time drummer Kyle McCarthy and guitarist Eric Ieraci;farewood have emerged again with a new album of dream weaving, ethereal rock. Compelling from start to end, 'Under Burning Sun', the  group's latest offering is their boldest yet, and perhaps the high water mark of their career. 

"From Leah Lorenzo’s soaring vocals to Lou Lorenzo’s driving, indelible riffs this album is an intoxicating mix of ethereal atmosphere and post-rock aesthetics, draped in a shroud of intrinsic emotions. Add to it how much of themselves exist in sonic form and Farewood have created something beyond simple indie or alt rock labels. It’s an album that commands attention the way a loved one would and multiple listens does not dull this overpowering sense that there’s something truly special happening here"  Chip MCCabe - The Metal DAD -  USA


"One of the most beautiful indie albums of 2018.  Swirling guitars and atmospheric vocals  will blow you away.  A must!"  Marino Serdons - Keys and Chords Music Magazine - Belgium 

"The hauntingly sweet voice of lead singer and bassist Leah Booker permeates every note on their latest album, delivering the perfect mix of angst and hope.  From the first note of “Secret Room,” this runaway train takes off and barrels through the night, delivering a potent dose of alternative rock" Bob Leggett  - Indie Voice LA Music Critic - USA 

"If you like your rock music to have plenty of melodic hooks, intriguing lyrics and a distinctive musical arrangement that gives clarity to each musician, then 'Under Burning Sun' consistently delivers along those lines" Beehive Candy - England 

"The eleven tracks are master strokes of shoegaze anthems. Heavy, melodic, haunting, atmospheric and sultry, this is an album that touches all the bases. Expertly performed, written and produced, the whole album is a compelling work of art that shows just how good a record can be, when all the pieces fit. This is an absolute must have." - FLoorshime zipper boots - USA


Nominated Best Alt-Rock 2018 LA Music Critic Awards 

Named to Hartford Courant's Top 20 Albums of 2018 by CT Artists

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Label: ARClight USA 


Management: Lou Lorenzo /


Booking:  Lou Lorenzo /


PR: Lou Loremzo /


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